Bloomberg Equity Valuation


To help you use Bloomberg power to access information and perform analysis on stocks. This training also focuses on advanced equity analytical functions that estimate, from past data, the projected price movement of a stock relative to that of an index or another stock, the intrinsic value of a stock, the risk of bankruptcy, also the implications of changes in capital structure.

Course Overview
  • Bloomberg Log On/Log Off
  • Most Helpful Keys
  • Examine company fillings and "red-line" documents
  • Analyze benchmark statistics and trace company and peer performance
  • Perform a financial analysis on a company
  • Use earnings estimates for a company in one place so that you can quickly gauge market expectations
  • Analyze an issuer's financial operations
  • Research equity analyst recommendations
At least degree level qualification in related field
Having 3-5 years experience in similar domain would be advantageous, but not essential
Based on Hands on exercises
Comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding
Support for future training progression

For schedule please
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