Advanced Software Testing (QTP + Quality Centre)


At least degree level qualification in related field
Having 3-5 years experience in similar domain would be advantageous, but not essential

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Duration: 4 Days

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Course Objectives
This is a 4 days instructor led training course, enabling the trainees to take ISEB Foundation certification exam after completion of the course.
Delivery: In class
Attendance: Weekends
Duration: 4 Days
Course Overview
This Advanced software testing training course is designed to provide trainees with the latest and complete tools and methodologies being used in today’s software testing projects.
What is Quality?
What is Testing?
Why Testing?
Software Development Life Cycle
Requirement Phase
Analysis Phase
Design Phase
Coding Phase
Testing Phase
Delivery and Maintenance Phase
Where Exactly Testing Comes into Picture
Conventional Testing
Unconventional Testing
Testing Methodology
Black Box Testing
White box Testing
Gray Box Testing
Levels of Testing
Unit Level Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Payment program configuration
User Acceptance Testing
Development Models
Water fall Model
Iteration or Prototype Model
Types of Testing
Build Verification Testing
Regression Testing
Alpha –Testing
Beta –Testing
Static Testing
Dynamic Testing
Installation Testing
Compatibility Testing
Monkey Testing
Usability Testing
End – To – End Testing
Exploratory Testing
Security Testing
Reliability Testing
Mutation Testing
Ad hoc Testing
Test Planning
Test Development
Use case Reviews
Types of Test Cases
Formats of Testing Documents
Testing Process
Test Case Design
Test Execution
Result Analysis
Bug Tracking Reporting
Types of Bugs
Identifying the Bugs
Isolating the Bugs
Reporting the Bugs
Quality Center
Test Plan Tab
Requirements Tab
Defects Tab
Automation Testing Overview
Introduction to Automation
Advantages & Limitations of Automated Testing
Fundamentals of QuickTest Professional (QTP)
Benefits of QuickTest Professional
QuickTest Professional User Interface
Add-In Manager and Add-ins in QTP
Record and Create Simple Scripts
Preparing to Record
Review Documented User Steps or Test Cases
Identify the Application Under Test (AUT)
Prepare the Test Environment
Review Documented User Steps or Test Cases
Execute Tests
Understand QTP Results