Virtual ClassRoom
This instructor led learning program delivers comprehensive training in a convenient and cost effective format. With live virtual class-room you will benefit from a flexible learning program which allows you to learn flexibly from wherever you want. You get flexible access to training systems, and support over a 3 or 5 month period. Online training help students get ready for job related tasks and prepares them for SAP's certification exams. During the access period you will get access to mentor tips and expert know-how via voice chat, Netmeeting, or Web-based chat. Online training courses are fully supported to ensure constant and consistent help to students for all units in the module.

On-line learning tailored to your needs
Course content designed specifically for consultants; focused on business process and solution areas. Flexible format allows students to proceed at their own pace and repeat lessons as needed while providing interactive snapshots and simulated exercises.
Improved system access facilitates practical learning
Live access to the SAP training system helps learners practice exercises and demos in real time.
Remote delivery reduces training costs
Remotely delivered learning helps to minimize travel costs and time out of the office.
Complete Help Desk supports you throughout the course
On-line support available through, Netmeeting, and expert instructor support available at scheduled times.