ABAP is the primary language in which most SAP software including customizations are written. ABAP runs within the SAP system. SAP and ABAP abstract the DB and run atop various underlying DBMSs.

SAP Architecture
  • Layers in SAP Architecture
  • Functionalities of Presentation, Application and Database Servers
User Maintenance
  • Creation of End-users
  • Assigning authorizations to users
  • Assigning profiles
  • Super user administration
ABAP Dictionary
  • Domains, Data Elements, Tables, Structures, Views
  • Search Help (Match code object)
  • Delivery class, Data class, Size category, Buffering
  • SQL commands (Open SQL and Native SQL)
ABAP Programming Basics
  • Introduction to Pre-Defined Data types
  • User-Defined Data types, Data objects
  • Programming Structures (Field Strings and Internal Tables)
  • Internal Tables based on Line type and Row type
  • Type functionality
  • Reusability (Modularization techniques)
  • Subroutines
  • Include programs
  • Function Modules
  • Macros and Field-symbols
  • Background Job Scheduling
  • Debugging
  • Development class or package creation
  • Performance Techniques
  • Runtime Analysis
  • SQL trace
  • Program Analysis
ABAP Reports
  • Events in Reports
  • Normal Reporting based on classic reporting
  • Interactive reporting
  • ABAP query Reporting
Advanced Reports
  • ALV Grid Reports
  • List view control report
  • Blocked ALV report
  • ALV Interactive Report
  • Hierarchy-sequential ALV report
Object-Oriented ABAP
  • Classes
  • Local and global classes
  • Interfaces
Dialog Programming (ABAP Transactions)
  • Flow Logic
  • Table Controls
  • Sub screens
  • Tab strip controls
  • Validations
  • Introduction to Pre-defined Applications
Batch Data Conversion (Interface Programming)
  • Session method (Fore-ground and Back-ground)
  • Call Transaction Method
  • SSequential file concepts
  • Recording methods
  • LSMW (Legacy system migration workbench)
  • Direct Input method
SAP Scripts and Smart forms
  • User-defined Scripts
  • Layout designing
  • Print program creation
  • Predefined scripts modification
  • Forms modification
  • Print program modification
  • Form routines
  • Adding logos
  • User-defined smart forms
  • Styles
  • Form creation, Print program creation
At least degree level qualification in related field
Having 3-5 years experience in similar domain would be advantageous, but not essential
Based on Hands on exercises
Comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding
Support for future training progression
Onsite certification exam facility available

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