SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation is a performance management tool that can cater for all types of planning and forecasting, from simple small processes to complex multi layer processes, while also providing consolidation and easy to use reporting.

Introduction of BPC
  • Introduction SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
  • Versions (MicroSoft 5.1 and NetWeaver 7.0)
  • Strategy and Roadmap
  • Architecture and Terminology (Versions 5.1 and 7.0)
Application Set Management, Dimension Management
  • Application Management
  • Modeling Aspect in BPC
  • Creating an Application Set
  • Creating Dimensions, Properties and Maintaining Members
  • Creating Applications and Applying Dimensions
Loading Transaction Data from FlatFile and NW BI InfoCube
  • Architecture of an Application
  • Explain the Tables, Optimization Options and Compression(Version 5.1)
  • Explaing the InfoProviders, InfoObjects, BPC Namespace in BI (Version 7.0)
  • Loading Transaction Data using a FlatFile
  • Loading Transaction Data From NW BI InfoCube
  • Creating a Transformation File
  • Creating a conversion file
  • Using Standard Data manager Packages
  • Lab Exercises
Intro. To Script Logic and Security
  • Introduction to Script Logic Programming
  • Security Set up
  • Task Profile
  • Member Access Profiles
  • Users and Teams
  • WorkStatus Settings
  • Working with BPC for Excel for Reporting
  • Using Dynamic Report Templates
  • Developing Reports ( using several Cell Based EV Functions)
  • Building reports and Input Schedules using EVDRE
  • Advanced reports using multiple EvDRE
  • Creating Custom Buttons and Assigning Macros
  • Advanced Formatting options using Properties
  • Demonstrate Building Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports using EVDRE
  • Demonstrate building a report reading data from multiple applications using EVDRE
  • Lab Exercises
  • Explain the Planning Process
  • Using Packages in Planning
  • Define the planning Model
  • Seeding the Plan
  • Rolling Forward Forecast
  • Calculations using Script Logic
  • Calculations Using Worksheet Logic
  • Allocations using Script Logic and Process Chains in 7.0
Topics in BPC for Excel & Web
  • Administration
  • Hot Analysis
  • ParknGo
  • BPC Journals
  • BPC Audit
  • Comments
  • Custom Menu
  • Lab Exercises
Data Manager Packages
  • Using Standard Data manager Packages
  • Customizing Standard Data manager Packages
  • Creating Data Manager Packages
  • Creating SSIS packages(MS Version)
  • Creating Process Chains(NW Version)
  • Currency Conversion Set Up
  • Currency Conversion Script Logic
  • Intercompany Eliminations Set up
  • Intercompany Eliminations using Script Logic
  • Intercompany Bookings
  • Lab Exercises
Script Logic
  • Dimension Logic
  • Worksheet Logic
  • Script Logic and Advanced Script Logic
  • Business rules
  • Lab Exercises
At least degree level qualification in related field
Having 3-5 years experience in similar domain would be advantageous, but not essential
Based on Hands on exercises
Comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding
Support for future training progression

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