SAP High-performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) is a data warehouse appliance for processing high volumes of operational and Transactional data in real-time.

Introduction to HANA
  • Overview of SAP HANA 1.0
  • Architecture of SAP In-Memory Computing
  • Enhanced ERP landscape with SAP HANA Side-by-Side
  • SAP HANA based Real-time ERP Operational Analytics
  • SAP HANA Data Provisioning with Sybase Replication Server
  • SAP HANA Data Provisioning with SAP Business Objects Data Services
Modeling, Reporting and User Management
  • Modelling with SAP HANA studio and SQLScript
  • SAP HANA Interfaces to BI Client tools, including SAP Business Objects Explorer, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Business Objects Dashboards and SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
  • SAP HANA User Management and Privileges
HANA Implementation
  • SLT Replication (Replicating data with SAP Landscape Transformation, Advanced SLT Options)
  • Approaching HANA Modeling (Persistency Model, HANA Engines, Choosing views, Minimizing Data Transfer)
  • Connecting Tables (Join, Union)
  • Managing Modeling Content (Schemas, Import & Export, Copying Objects)
HANA Modeling
  • Advanced Modeling (Attribute Views and Hierarchies, Restricted/Calculated Measures,Filter Operations and Variables, Script based Calculation Views,Currency Conversion)
  • Processing Information Objects (Model Validation, Object Versions, References, Auto Documentation)
  • Security and Authorizations (User Management, Types of Privileges, Template Roles, Best Practices)
At least degree level qualification in related field
Having 3-5 years experience in similar domain would be advantageous, but not essential
Based on Hands on exercises
Comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding
Support for future training progression

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