What is CVFriendly about

CVFriendly was established with the aim of helping jobseekers distribute their CV's in order to find a position in a shorter time. You upload your CV once and we manually enter all your details to different job boards of your choice. CVFriendly has highly qualified trained professionals who deal with every request with utmost confidentiality.

All the latest jobs, careers, recruitment and employment resources in the UK and Europe comes to you by the click of a button with us. Why wade through thousands of jobs looking for that 'right one' when you can upload your CV for FREE with us and we distribute your CV on all the Job boards of your choice. CV Distribution is the modern way of getting your CV out to the people who have access to the sort of jobs you are looking for. So if you are looking for a new job and need one fast get registered with

CVFriendly has the contacts, passion and commitment you need to get a job. Start your search now and find the career you deserve - not just the job you want. Upload your CV for FREE!!! and CVFriendly does the rest of the hard work for you

How CVFriendly works

Get exposed and let that job find you. One simple form to fill which saves your time and it's a FREE service, your CV is in front of thousands of employers in no time. In this time of technological advance human's work has reduced compared to that of a machine. Here at CVFriendly we upload all your details by our highly trained staffs who are dedicated to keep all your details safe and confidential. All your details are entered manually so you can be sure all the information requested by is looked into and executed with professionalism.

Currently, jobseekers have a daunting task of uploading their CVs to different job boards. For example, if a jobseeker wants to upload their CV onto more than one job board, they have to register with all the job boards and then upload their CVs individually on all of them.