.NET Developer Program

For those looking to build their careers in .NET technologies this program is an ideal route to success. .NET Developer Program is designed by keeping the market requirements in mind and structured in a way that you attain both theoretical and practical skills and be able to harness the results straight away.

You must have at least graduate level educational qualification in relevant business (functional) or technical domain. A few years of domain level working experience is desirable but not mandatory to embark on such career aspiration.

The joining Process
Due to extremely competitive nature of this program, your application must be approved by our careers department. You may also have to take a short aptitude test and / or face an interview. Once approved by our careers department you will receive a formal offer letter of acceptance and a contract agreement with complete terms and conditions of the relevant program.

The Career Development Program
This program consists of three key stages. The first stage will be, training for your relevant domain which will prepare the candidate to pass the relevant certification exam along with the ability to use the software for business solution development and enhancements. During the second stage the candidate will be put through our 1 to 2 months internship program during which candidate will be allowed to work on a live project under the supervision of senior .NET Consultants. The third stage, you will be supported to develop the soft skills that employers everywhere are looking for. You will acquire communication, problem solving, critical thinking, presentation and teamwork skills, making you a desirable candidate in today's competitive global economy.

The successful candidate
To be a successful candidate on this program you must meet the following requirements, Pass the relevant Microsoft certification exam (will be advised in the contract) within two months of completion of training. Perform adequately in the internship program and submit a comprehensive report at the end of the program. Adhere to the placement requirements during the placement phase.

The Target Job
The successful candidate will be offered or placed on a full time job earning not less than 25k per annum in Microsoft Solutions Development or similar domain. The average salary for .NET Professionals and consultants is around 30k pa.

The Money Back Promise
In the unlikely and unfortunate event of being unsuccessful to get a placement even after meeting all the requirements, we will refund you up to full placement fee you have paid. You will need to raise a money back claim within 60 days of completion of program maturity period.

For further details on this program and its terms and conditions please feel to contact us with your enquiries

Enrol / Register

Please call us on 020 3302 1103 or email info@erptraining.co.uk