Interview Preparation

Expert Mock Interview Training
The mock interview can make a big difference between impressing the potential employer and being just another interview. The job interview can make or break an otherwise qualified candidate. The key is to eliminate the competition by improving your interview skills to get the job you want!

This session is customized to your specific situation and concerns. We coach and guide you in identifying and expressing your strengths, skills, competencies and value as they relate to an employer's needs. We'll also help you deal with perceived problem interview questions, help you with your presentation, positioning statement, and exit statement to help you separate yourself from the competition during face-to-face and phone screening interviews.

Interview Training Benefits

  • Professional and confidential one-on-one training in person, or using a webcam over the internet
  • Advance competency and skills assessment to discover your "highest and best" use
  • Develop your verbal answers to the most difficult questions
  • Expert tips to capitalize on your strengths, competencies and skills
  • Help you identify your critical non-verbal and body language tendencies
  • Ease the nervousness and fear of interviewing forever
  • Eliminate the competition and secure more job offers

Interview Strategy Coaching

  • How to research the prospective employer to uncover key information
  • Rehearse answers to predictable questions and position yourself to succeed
  • Using information or networking interviews to reveal about the company people, management, culture, salary, etc.
  • Last minute preparation before and after your actual employment interview
  • Knowing when to follow up with e-mail, regular mail, or phone calls, before and after the interview.