Placement Assistance

We have adopted the industry best practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent to the suitable clients. Not only that we provide a very good platform to candidates to get their dream job but also we help the clients to get the right candidates.

The Recruitment Process consists of three stages

  • Planning the Action
  • Implementation of Plan
  • Final step

Planning the Action
In this stage, we understand the requirement of client. We carry out deep study of company profile and its working culture. We concentrate on Job Description, Opportunities, Locations, Salary and other benefits. On the basis of this we find out required set of skills, experience and attitude of candidate. We consider company's existing business, future plans and systems to make out our perception clear.

Implementating the plan
We short list candidates through telephonic interview and the first round of interview at our office when required and possible. Then we do informal reference check and then line up interview with the client. Once things are finalised we do formal reference check.

Final Step
Negotiation: We have in depth knowledge of market and we do participate in negotiation.
Follow up: We keep regular communication with both client and candidate until the closure